Athens, GA


Matchless Transcription is a small, family company based out of Athens, GA, dedicated to providing top of the line transcription services at affordable rates since 2013. With 30 years and tens of thousands of hours of transcription work experience between the two of us, your research is guaranteed to be processed by extremely qualified professionals with a trained ear for extreme accuracy. We do not use AI, and we do not farm your work out to third parties. We’ve worked alongside researchers from dozens of large R1 universities such as UCLA, Vanderbilt, Duke, Stanford, and the University of Georgia, and also with those working in more intimate learning and research settings. Whether a single file or a multiyear longitudinal study, we work with a diverse array of individuals and organizations to meet their research needs. Please see our FAQ page for more detailed information regarding our company, and we thank you immensely for trusting us with your work.